About Us

We give back


From nursing home visits to lending a helping hand, we're committed to serving in our community

We mentor


From reading to elementary students to monthly visits at our local middle school, we're committed to being role models 

We prepare for the future


From excelling in the classroom to college visits, we're committed to setting ourselves up for success after high school

The MOSC Mission

We exist to show our community as well as the world what it means to step up and become effective members of our society, to better ourselves as men and human beings and to improve our knowledge in dealing with real life issues that most members of today's society feel uncomfortable addressing. 

Member Criteria


  • Enrolled in an accredited high school or GED program
  • All members must conduct themselves like gentlemen at all times
  • All members will be subject to dismissal for inappropriate conduct such as fighting, disrespectful attitudes towards teachers, adults and other students
  • All members must perform to the best of their ability academically
  • All members must submit progress reports to MOSC leader
  • All members must participate in community service activities
  • Unexcused absences can be grounds for dismissal or field trip denial